About Us

Three Coastal Babies, founded by Pamela Baez-Briscoe in 2023, is a beacon of timeless luxury and sustainability in bamboo apparel. A mom of three on a mission to bring luxury and affordability together. Aiming to redefine luxury through bamboo garments that transcend generations, becoming an integral part of your family's journey. Grounded in sustainability, our bamboo fabric offers unparalleled softness while leaving a green footprint on the planet.

At TCB, each garment is a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and conscious living. Our bamboo fabric, known for breathability, durability, and hypoallergenic properties, ensures a luxurious experience for both children and adults.

Bamboo, the cornerstone of our brand, grows rapidly, requires minimal water, and has natural antibacterial properties, making it an ideal choice for conscious consumers. Its superior breathability and moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for the whole family. We aim to be more than just a clothing brand; we aspire to be a cherished companion on your family's journey through life.

Inclusivity is paramount to us. We release new sizes, styles, and patterns continuously, ensuring TCB evolves with your family. We want every member, from the tiniest tots to the wisest elders, to find something that resonates with their unique style.

We are excited and honored to bring you silky soft pjs and day wear for the whole family. Bamboo has become a big part of our family over the years and we can't wait to get comfy with you! We know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of bamboo shops out there, so we are incredibly grateful that you are here supporting our small family business. 

About Pamela Baez-Briscoe

 Latina born and raised entrepreneur Pamela Baez-Briscoe, is a corporate leader turned business owner after over 10 years in the sales & marketing industry. Her corporate background includes sales, marketing, full-cycle recruiting, team building and corporate leadership. Pam’s university experience comes from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA with a 2011 Bachelors Degree in Journalism Communications, along with Specialty Degrees in Public Relations & Business Marketing & Advertising. After retiring from the corporate life in 2018, Pam made a full time career as a Social Media Content Creator and Online Business Marketing Coach before creating Three Coastal Babies in 2023.  Pam and her family are coastal residents in a sunny South Georgia beach town.

A note from our Founder:

My promise to myself with this precious work, and all the work I’ve done in my past, is to be kind to myself, to be patient with myself and to always find joy in sharing my crafts with a purpose. After all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? I hope that every piece of TCB means something special to you and your family. Creating memories in our products is the upmost compliment an entrepreneur could ask for. Thank you for trusting us!

Xoxo Pam” 


Contact us at threecoastalbabies@yahoo.com or through one of our social media platforms.